About my blog

The world of porn stars is intriguing and incomprehensible. It is often considered a taboo subject that should be avoided at all costs. But recently I decided to start a short blog about porn stars and their lives. I wanted to find information and stories that are often left unsaid.

The fact that we don’t often hear about real people working in the porn industry was the first thing that inspired me to create this site. As a rule, we only observe the sexual activities in which they are involved, and not the actual participants. While I understand that this might be the best strategy for some, I wanted to work on a project that would give these pornstars a voice and make them closer.

Apart from my own interests, I think that this initiative is of great public importance. The life of a porn star has both advantages and disadvantages, just like any other career. Unfortunately, we often fall prey to narratives that only highlight the harmful aspects of the field, such as unfair working conditions, drug use, and financial hardship. These realities certainly exist, but they do not encompass the entire experience. There are many stories of porn stars who have had successful, fulfilling lives and careers.

Through this site, I enjoy continuing to create content and uncover the often hidden lives of pornstars. I want to give pornstars the opportunity to tell their stories in an acceptable and constructive manner through me and my blog.